A well-designed injection mold facilitates successful part production. Our Technical Office uses our "Know How" made of years of experience in obtaining the optimal design and manufacture of each mold. If necessary, we carry out filling simulationsprior to the mold manufacture, so we are able to validate the casting system, through analyzing output data in terms of filling, temperature evolution and speeds.

In addition, we have our own mold warehouse and tooling workshop for the proper storage and maintenance of each of our clients injection molds.


Injection is the essence of a foundry. We use all the necessary resources and knowledge gathered during more than 30 years of experience in it, so each piece reaches and even exceeds customer expectations. We are currently placing special emphasis on greater process automation through independent work cells and by using Closed Ring Technology machinery. We own the following Injection machinery where we melt Zamak and various Aluminum alloys (43.400, 44.100, 46.000, 46.100, 47.100)
Aluminum (Cold chamber)
Italpresse 200Tn
Urpe 330Tn
Pretransa 420Tn
Pretransa 420Tn
Pretransa 560Tn
Pretransa 560Tn
ItalPresse 900Tn
Pretransa 1200Tn
ItalPresse 1450Tn
Zamak5 (Hot chamber)
Urpe 25Tn
Urpe 50Tn
Urpe 80Tn
Urpe 160Tn


We believe a foundry activity should not only focus on injection process but on all the subsequent processes are behind them. The constant changes and faster market evolution, make machining a key part of the finishing process. And thanks to the availability of several numerical control machines, we can directly offer to our customers this kind of finishing in a wide range of parts.


Finally, in addition to the machining process, we consider very important to provide a wide and varied finishing service for parts, which is why we also offer shot blasting, vibrating, painting ... On top of that, we are able to offer total control of the production process from he most important phase, part concept until its last finishing process. This currently allows us to be a national benchmark with a clear international projection
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