We have established a continuous improvement system through the entire production process, maintained and improved day by day. Because quality is not only a working method, but as a philosophy in itself, and our main concern is to increase your satisfaction as a customer. Being always respectful with the environment and, according to ourselves, feeling the pleasure of a job well done.
UNE-EN-ISO 14001.


We implement and review, annually, continuous improvement objectives on our activity, its responsibility and impact on the environment. All necessary items to comply with the
applicable legislation and regulations
. We focus especially on three points:
- Reduction ➞ Reducing our carbon footprint by generating less waste and , both energy and material goods. These are the two lines of work that we have
been working on in recent years.
- Reuse ➞ Extending material life used in our processes (eg Cardboard) helps us taking advantage of existing resources. For this to be possible, our main action lines are keeping awareness and training each and every member of Delta Valencia team.
- Recycling ➞ Aluminum is one of the most used metal after steel, among its many properties, it is infinitely recyclable without reducing its physical qualities. In addition, aluminum recycling process requires little energy, only 5% of the energy required to produce the initial primary metal.
Through internal processes and collaboration with certified external suppliers, we recycle the excess material from the productions and we also buy recycled aluminum, thus achieving a lower environmental impact.
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