We work for industrial sectors

At Delta Valencia we have been working for different industries for more than three decades, offering our resources and know-how to companies in different sectors such as lighting, electronics, industrial machinery and the automotive industry, among others. So, we study and propose a total and tailored solution for each occasion, from an initial conceptual phase to final production.


Lighting industry stands out for its great capacity for innovation, its exporting nature and its adaptability to continuous market changes. Currently, it is a sector clearly defined by LED technology and by the sustainability of all its processes.


Vehicle manufacturing remains a strategic industry in the EU, with a production of 19.2 million cars, vans, trucks and buses per year. It exports almost 6 million vehicles, generating a trade surplus of more than 90,000 million euros and becoming the largest car exporter in the world,
followed very far by Japan and the US, second and third ranked. It is currently experiencing an exciting paradigm shift towards electrification and the internet of things.


Machine Tool sector at the national level implies being the third largest producer and exporter country in the European Union and the ninth in the world. Exporting on average more than 80% of the sector's production to international markets and allocating approximately 5% of R+D+i billing.


In addition to the previously aforementioned sectors, we also carry out projects in other sectors, such as household appliances manufacturing, locks and fittings, metal carpentry, electronic components or metal products n.c.o.p.
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